Program Highlight: “Open Play 3 & Under”

Every program that we offer our participants, whether they are infants or adults, is educational and therapeutic in nature. With our littlest ones, we strive to provide them with the support they need to achieve important milestones for development. Our Open Play: 3 & Under program not only allows our newest families the opportunity to connect, process, and breathe a bit easier, but it also supports their child by offering a safe and fun space to build fine and gross motor skills. 

During this program, it may appear that our participants are simply playing with toys, but built into that play is a whole lot of therapy. To enhance fine motor skills they are grasping and holding toys, thus developing the muscle strength in their hands. They are throwing and rolling balls, thus growing their eye/hand coordination. They are placing shapes into holes and rings onto cones, thus manipulating objects with their hands. To build gross motor skills, they are crawling and rolling and climbing and walking. All of this is done in a safe environment with loads of support and, of course, LOTS and LOTS of cheering! 

The enormous benefit of this program for our newest parents is that they enter a warm space that is full of love and joy. The first time they walk through the doors of our Playhouse, they will hear “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” loud and clear. They can quietly observe or they can jump right in and ask questions. Our staff, our volunteers, and our participating families offer loving support in whatever capacity might be needed. And from there, friendships grow that will last a lifetime. 

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