Our Adults Can Cook!!!

We hosted our first adult cooking club (ages 18+) in our new location in November of 2018. It has evolved to be so much more and has such a special place in my heart. The program started out slow (on purpose) and we made breakfast several times (their favorite foods.) We introduced that balanced plate and kitchen “rules” to promote safety. People were so generous in donating the equipment we needed to be successful.

Many new foods have been introduced to our participants such as plutos, jackfruit and pomegranates to name a few. We have made chicken parmesan, zoodles, sloppy joes, chicken stir fry and air fryer fried pickles (plus a whole lot more!) There are different participants that join us each month. We advertise our menu so the adults can decide if they would like to join us that month.

Every participant is accompanied by an adult. They have learned to chop, dice, measure and mix. They have also learned to set up tables and chairs, prepare and serve food, clean up, load the dishwasher, sweep and take out the garbage.

Our adult cooking program is one of our most popular programs. The participants walk in the door and are ready to go to work! There is no way this program would be as successful if it weren’t for the amazing volunteers to help out every month!

Thanks for allowing me to work with your adults once a month!

Laura Savant

Board member, adult cooking club leader, tutor and aunt to Matt


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