We are a fairly new family to the GiGi’s Playhouse in Tinley Park after being introduced by some friends who are active at GiGi’s. They mentioned the upcoming GiGi Prep program and it sounded pretty interesting.  So I decided to go to the information night being held about the program.  I was REALLY excited to be able to apply to this program for my daughter!  Her last few years in high school offered a lot of life skills  they learned about. Unfortunately those things do need to be revisited and GiGi Prep was perfect!!  In addition to the refresher life skills Holly worked on, I was extremely impressed with the addition of meal planning/journaling as well as exercise.  It’s so important for people who have Down syndrome to learn in a fun environment on how important food and exercise are to your health and I really felt this is where GiGi Prep took the extra step to incorporate this into their program!  She was very excited to log her meals every day. She would even bring her binder with when she would stay over with a grandparent or aunts house to be sure to log everything! She would make her lunch the night before and get excited to “go to work” as she called it. You could tell she was learning and growing as well as feeling she has a purpose. GiGi’s helped to give that to her.                                                                                                         

-Mary, Holly’s Mother

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