The Gift of Speech Support

Nonverbal.   The transmission of messages or signals through a nonverbal platform such as eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, posture…..

I had heard many people say this before about their child with Down syndrome and I wasn’t sure if Christian would be Nonverbal.  BUT…Christian has turned seven now and he has defied the odds!!!  He started 1st grade, in person, with COVID guidelines in place.  His special instruction class has 9 students grades 1-4 and Christian is one of the most verbal students in the class!  His teachers can’t believe that he only started verbally communicating this last May!

Mrs. Diana Harmon, SLP paved the way in opening up his voice! We met Diana at GiGi’s Playhouse Tinley Park while participating in LMNOP (Language Music-n-our Peeps) when Christian wasn’t even a year old.  He learned basic sign language in a group setting surrounded by music and activities that focused on words and communication.  Diana offered many tips and ideas to nurture continued speech therapy while at home and in daily activities.  When Christian turned 3 he started the one-on-one Speech therapy program at GiGi’s with Diana.  We used picture cards, books, and many suggested activities at home and school which she recommended to strengthen his verbal communication.

She brings so much knowledge and personal experience in how she teaches as she too has a child named Crista with Ds who is now an adult.

Crista speaks verbally very well!

Crista is in college!

Crista has a job at Home Depot!

Crista is learning to drive!

We are extremely grateful for the work Diana Harmon has done with Christian.

“If you give them words, they will come!”

With Diana’s encouragement, learning techniques, and dedication I am beyond grateful for her part in opening up Christian’s voice.

Sandy, Mom of Christian


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