Christian will be starting kindergarten this fall! He’s finally using his voice & trying to say so many new words & phrases! It’s been incredible to hear him speak. Just this morning he said, “Alec-play balloon with me right now!!!!!!” This is a boy who confidently only said 5 words: Mom, Dad, Awick, Bah, No – up until last May! We’ve been participants of GiGi’s Playhouse since Christian was only 3 months old and have attended Open Play, LMNOP, Skill Builders, Music in Motion, Pre-School Prep, Leaps & Bounds, and many sessions of Speech Therapy with Mrs. Diana Harmon – along with numerous BBQ’s & Family Events. Christian’s gained a sense of independence & confidence and I truly believe his involvement with GiGi’s has contributed to this. His older brothers, Alec & Kuba, are always welcome & show much joy in any event we attend at GiGi’s! Thank you GiGi’s for being Christian’s FAVORITE Playhouse!

Sandy–Christian’s Mom

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