Can you help us bring GiGi’s Playhouse to Cincinnati sooner?! 

Happy holidays from your GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati start-up team!

As you know, a new GiGi’s Playhouse location will be built in Cincinnati soon. GiGi’s will be a gift to the Cincinnati Down syndrome community—individuals with Down syndrome of all ages, their families, friends and loved ones. Everyone is welcome at GiGi’s Playhouse!

Once GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati opens, it will provide free educational programs, therapies, and career development programs for people of all ages who have Down syndrome in Cincinnati. This is a game changer! However, we need your help to get there. We are humbly asking you to donate a little bit to help us open GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati sooner rather than later.

If you commit to donating $21 (or more) per month, your name will be displayed on the 321 Champions Wall inside GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati once it opens! This wall is a collection of generous donors who helped us reach our ultimate goal. Your $21-per-month donation will not only help us reach our goal of opening our doors, but it will also offer stability long after we open. Plus, your name will be displayed on the 321 Champions Wall forever. Any donations you give are completely tax deductible.

Can we count on you to become a 321 Champion?

If you can offer a $21 monthly donation (or more), please visit our website, look under the “support” tab and then follow the instructions to become a 321 Champion. If you do so, we’ll be sure to let you know once our new Playhouse opens so you can come check it out and see your name proudly displayed on the 321 Champions Wall.

If you have questions about donating $21 per month to become a 321 Champion, please email
Thank you so much for your consideration. With your help, GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati will be here in no time!

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