Where is GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati going to be?!

Where is GiGi’s Playhouse Cincinnati going to be?!

Our goal is to provide life-changing complementary programs the greater Cincinnati Down syndrome community and their families.  We are so excited to give you some insight into all the work we are doing behind the scenes and what you can expect to see soon!

We are narrowing our facility search in based on a number of criteria:

  1. We are following our followers.  The map of our followers brings us to the northeast region of greater Cincinnati. Follow us by signing up for the eNewsletter and encourage others to do so too!
  2. Accessibility:  We realize not everyone is going to live close, so we want it to be easily accessible by public transportation, Interstates and for all abilities.
  3. We follow our supporters.  We are funded through private donations, corporations, businesses, and grants.  We have received substantial support in the northeast region of greater Cincinnati.
  4. Needs!  Families are seeking out supports more than ever since the pandemic.  We believe this location will serve many areas that have significant needs.  Although we can’t and won’t fill every need and no location is going to fit everyone. We are also working hard to build collaborative relationships with other organizations to share supports in the entire greater Cincinnati area and beyond.
  5. Affordability:  Our programs are 100% FREE for families but not free to deliver.  We will be supporting a lease, buildout, personnel, equipment, materials and more!
  6. Highly visible!  We are shouting out the value of individuals with Down syndrome in our community by a location in a high traffic area with a lot of foot traffic, shopping, restaurants, and activities!  Individuals with Down syndrome and their families belong IN the community!
  7. A second home:  The location must be safe for our participants and families and fit our buildout needs to create a second home atmosphere.

This is not a complete list, but at the top of our considerations.  The map indicates where we have been focusing in on the facility search.  We look forward to announcing more big news soon!

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