Done. 321. Miles. October.


Why 321? There’s something about running. Everyone in the race knows there is only one winner. Yet everyone that crosses the finish line is celebrated just as much as the first. It is that very essence of the sport, knowing how hard everyone has worked just to be there – we make sure every runner is celebrated.  

People will say, “oh that’s crazy”, “I could never do that”. Well it’s not much different from the things I hear as a parent to Kate, sometimes. We just do it. We set some goals and go for it. One small step at a time. 

I will never fully comprehend or understand what Kate is feeling, thinking, or achieving as a person with Down syndrome. I can however witness and support her as human and give her the dignity she deserves. I threw out the books on Down syndrome because she’s never followed what they all said about her. She smashed that stigma down years ago. 

I didn’t think I knew how to raise a child when my first was born, let alone know how to raise Kate. What I did learn came from running. That is set your own pace, build your own course, and know where the finish line is. Don’t compare your progress to others and be sure to fuel and hydrate (self care) so you can keep your body well. Then once you have that all figured out, be ready with a few back up plans because all of that can change so fluidly.  

Things will happen beyond your control but always put one foot in front of the other. And always, always, just keep moving. 

Then celebrate that finish. And start another race. 

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