Changing the World is in the Palm of Your Hand

Because of you … 2021 was amazing!

Dear Friends, Thank you. Because of you, GiGi’s Playhouse has triumphed over the unthinkable. Because of you, we're now reaching new parts of the world. Because of you, we’re now helping previously unserved communities. Because of you, we never let our families down, despite the tumult of 2020 and 2021....

Happiness and Down syndrome

Many people have the misperception that individuals with Down syndrome are always happy. I have a few thoughts about happiness and Down syndrome. First, if you think this, then you've probably never interacted with a hormonal teenager with Down syndrome. Jade, like most people, experiences a broad range of emotions,...
Got Acceptance

GiGi sings the National Anthem at the Chicago White Sox game

Website           Volunteer         Support Hello to all my amazing friends! After years of practice, therapy, rejections, and cancellations, GiGi finally sang the national anthem at the Chicago White Sox game this week! She wowed the enthusiastic crowd, showing just how much people with Down syndrome...

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