March 2021 Newsletter

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May 2021 Newsletter

To our GiGi's Playhouse Family,   With multiple cases of our kids being abused, disrespected and attacked last week, it made me reflect back on why we started GiGi’s, and ask "are we making a difference?"   That is when I realized we have spent 17 years providing free programming...
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Sustainability against all odds

Whenever I read that quote, I get a flutter of excitement in my stomach and a sick feeling at that same time! Absence of fear?? It was the fear of watching 17 years of groundbreaking work crumble that propelled me to action throughout 2020 and catapulted us into 2021! When...

Navigating the Challenges of Virtual Learning

Every parent with a child in school understands the obstacles related to virtual learning - whether that child is in participating in school from home part of the week or full-time. After nearly a year of virtual schooling for some students, there are many questions about how to best address...

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