February 2019 Newsletter

Have you seen this AMAZING story about Amy Bockersette from our GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix location?!?

We are SO excited to announce that Amy will be the GiGi’s “Beat the Pro” for the GiGi’s National Golf Outing at Wynstone Golf Club on August 26, 2019!  Greg Woodland is her new BFF and is invited to help her!  Save the date and reserve your spot early!

We are so proud of Amy and all she is doing and cannot wait to showcase her talent at our golf outing at Wynstone!

Update From Microsoft

Our Microsoft project using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help individuals with Down syndrome is in full force! After another full day meeting with Microsoft we are moving onto the technical viability stage! This is so beyond huge for the Down syndrome community! As you know, GiGi’s does not move slow and to be honest we thought with a company as huge as Microsoft that this research and roll out could take years. Boy were we WRONG!! Their commitment to using technology to have a direct and broad effect on kids and adults with Down syndrome is so strong! I am honestly blown away by their love, belief and commitment to our families and to this project. The technology is so over my head but the effect it will have on our population will be immediate and life changing! I cannot wait to share the details as the case study continues!


Get Ready! GiGiFIT Infant is Coming!

With GiGiFIT Teen in full swing and GiGiFIT Adult recently launching, we are busy creating GiGiFIT Infant!  It is important for us to address movements correctly and this Physical Therapy-based fitness program teaches us how!

GiGiFIT Infant not only addresses low muscle tone and joint laxity, but also is a work-out for the brain and vestibular system.  When we address low muscle tone at this age, we are setting our kids up for optimal performance in their future!
The GiGiFIT programs are truly life changing!!


Volunteer Spotlight: GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso

A gift from the heart!  Marc P., a local Eagle Scout, spent many hours of work and dedication to complete a new Hugs & Mugs kiosk! To read more about Marc’s contribution to GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso, please click below!

Volunteer Spotlight

Welcoming our 41st AND 42nd Playhouse!

In the last few weeks, we welcomed our 41st Playhouse, GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit and 42nd Playhouse, GiGi’s Playhouse Deerfield to our ever growing Network of Playhouses!

GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit had OVER 700 people attend their opening! GiGi signed and SOLD OUT of #GenerationG books and inspired the crowd with her speech!

Congratulations to both Playhouses!

Did You Know?

In January alone, across the GiGi’s Playhouse Network, we:

  • Executed nearly 2,000 one-on-one tutoring hours in Literacy & Math
  • Delivered over 800 one-on-one speech therapy hours
  • Served over 3,700 unique participants
  • Gained support with over 9,500 volunteer hours
  • Ensured our programs will ALWAYS be 100% FREE to families!


Save The Date!
2019 Chicago Region 5K and Fun Run!
Sunday, June 9, 2019
Join us at NEW location, Arlington International Racecourse!

Turned out for what?!?!? Oh yes, we did!

Still celebrating and reliving the celebration of celebrations! We just can not say thank you enough to all who helped make this night amazing and who believe in a bigger, more accepting future! We are bigger, better & stronger…TOGETHER!



Changing the World is in the Palm of Your Hand

We’re in the second week of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and activities and celebrations are taking place coast to coast. Here at GiGi’s Playhouse, we’re asking everyone for one simple action this month: Take the “I Accept You” pledge! Will you join us?  Everyone who takes the pledge becomes a part of #GenerationG, an army of change-makers set on making...
Got Acceptance

GiGi sings the National Anthem at the Chicago White Sox game

Website           Volunteer         Support Hello to all my amazing friends! After years of practice, therapy, rejections, and cancellations, GiGi finally sang the national anthem at the Chicago White Sox game this week! She wowed the enthusiastic crowd, showing just how much people with Down syndrome...
adult man with DOwn syndrome cooking with GiGi's Playhouse virtual Programs

GiGi’s Playhouse: Reaching Around The Globe

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and all in-person programming had to be discontinued, we faced the challenge of how to fulfill our promise of a lifetime commitment to our families. So we thought big, and we developed an array of on-demand and live virtual programming, meeting families right where they...

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