After 11 months of working at GiGi’s Playhouse, I’m still amazed by something every single day. That “something” is usually just a moment—a magical moment—where a child or young adult with Down syndrome accomplishes something wonderful that we would take for granted. It could be a firm handshake, baby steps (literally), jumping jacks, or writing the words “Thank You” for a mug design.

Our lives are so complex—often distracting and at times exhausting—that we forget how many moments are actually gifts. We forget to see and hear beyond the noise. We must remember that helping others who need a little more help is universal. We must remember that everyone wants to be amazed by their own magical moments of achievement. This is the true essence of GiGi’s Playhouse.

Supporting our participants though the Chicagoland Gala, the annual 5K, the Champion’s Circle, and more can make these moments a reality. Therapeutic and educational programs are always available to Playhouse families at no charge—and they create so much belief & confidence—but they are never free to us. Wouldn’t it be great if helping people didn’t cost any money?

Gala sponsorships can create magical moments for our children and adults. Sponsorship is advertising with a deeper purpose, and everyone should have a budget for this. An affordable commitment of dollars, goods, or services can literally CHANGE A LIFE and create magical moments of achievement. You can help teach kids to read. You can help teach kids and young adults to eat healthy and exercise. You can help kids and adults raise the bar. But don’t take my word for it: hear from our participants and families themselves in the videos below, and please be proud of their moments as I am. I hope these videos bring a magical moment into your day.

Marc Portugal

For information about the 2014 GiGi’s Playhouse “i have Voice” Chicagoland Gala: please click HERE.

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