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Posted by GiGi’s Playhouse Founder and GiGi’s Mom, Nancy Gianni:

You know how sometimes life gets so busy that you have to look back at your pictures just to remember it all??  That is when I think about my GiGi – the little girl I dragged with me all along the way!!  Actually, she is not so little, she is a teenager now!  By my side, often crashed out in the back seat or on a plane, but always ready to rally!!   GiGi has grown from the inspiration of GiGi’s Playhouse to the inspirational voice sharing belief and acceptance everywhere she goes!

In the last month we traveled to Madison for the opening of our 30th Playhouse, spoke at Mesirow Financial for the Make it Better Empowerment award, (GiGi’s inspirational appearance there led her back stage to the opening of the Joffrey ballet), attended GiGi’s Playhouse rally at the Indy 500 with the GiGi’s car, completed our 13th calendar shoot for the 2017 GiGi’s calendar, attended award ceremony at Northwestern University, completed a 2-day video shoot with CNN, sang the national anthem at the GiGi’s 5k in front of 2,500 people – and oh yea – finished 7th grade, danced in a 2-day recital, hung out with friends and is leaving for North Carolina on Friday for the opening of our 31st Playhouse in Raleigh!  Oooops!  I forgot workouts, literacy tutoring, hanging with her friends and 3 siblings and everything else in between!

I guess what I am trying to say is GiGi is amazing!  She works hard every day to do the things that come naturally to most of us.  I watch her struggle and I watch her succeed!  When she sets her mind to something, she does it.  I know it is hard and all she really wants is some mommy time.  I need to make more of that for her.  Not Playhouse mommy time but crazy Mommy time!

Speaking of crazy mommy time, here is a video of her at the Blake Shelton concert.  I could not be more proud of the amazing, inspirational teenager she is becoming!  #GenerationG

on the ice

Dear Friends, What’s a little kid sliding around on the ice got to do with disability?  Or GiGi’s Playhouse? For once I won’t apologize for how the weather stations here in Connecticut exaggerate forecasts.  After all, I lived in Centerville, South Dakota for 5 years. Compared to that, our local reports are embarrassing.  But this… Continue Reading

Inspiration from the Grandparent Connection

We are humbled to share a blog post called “Muscle and Momentum” from Richard Reilly – known as “Poppy” to his grandson Louis – and appreciated as both a generous friend and trusted adviser to GiGi’s Playhouse. Richard’s eloquence and passion are truly incredible, and we are excited to begin sharing monthly blog posts from… Continue Reading

Musical Hands Supporting GiGi’s Playhouse

Musical Hands Supporting GiGi’s Playhouse: Musician to record CD benefiting Individuals with Down syndrome Hoffman Estates, IL, December 14, 2015 – Pianist Ryan Shookman decided to create a holiday album that represented his family and benefited individuals with Down syndrome. He learned to play the piano with the help of his mother Maureen, and thus… Continue Reading

GiGi’s Playhouse Impact Sponsors

YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPACT! GiGi’s Playhouse serves children and adults with Down syndrome as well as families, communities, businesses and more – all over the US and in Mexico. GiGi’s Playhouse provides dedicated places for families to unite and celebrate their child’s diagnosis, as well as benefit from FREE purposeful and progressive programs. Since 2003,… Continue Reading

Holiday Wishes from Nancy Gianni

To Our Amazing Supporters, Vendors, Playhouses, Families and Friends: CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a year! YOU are the miracles that help our families every day! Because of YOUR support and impact, I can’t help but marvel at the achievements that occurred in 2015: We opened TEN playhouses bringing our total to 27! We’ve been blessed by more… Continue Reading

Impacts and Achievements because of YOU

  Jane continues to grow her reading, speech and language skills through GiGi’s Signature Literacy Tutoring Program and the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program. New words, new friendships, and new achievements! Three cheers for Jane and three cheers for Sarah and all of her hard work as the new speech & language pathologist at… Continue Reading

GiGi’s Playhouse in the news across the country!

Please explore the links below from 2013-2015 coverage of GiGi’s Playhouse in televised and print media: GiGi’s Playhouse on NBC Nightly News GiGi’s Playhouse grand opening in Fargo, ND GiGi’s Playhouse grand opening in Westchester County GiGi’s Playhouse grand opening in Westchester Country (yes – coverage on TWO TV stations!) GiGi’s Playhouse coming to El… Continue Reading

Global Acceptance Hits The Road!!!

GiGi’s Playhouse is THRILLED to announce that Nationwide Rail Services has donated a brand new tractor trailer that has been custom branded with images of GiGi’s participants as well as messaging about belief and acceptance. The tractor and trailer will travel to various events for GiGi’s Playhouse as well as be driven on specific “promotional… Continue Reading

Therapeutic Program Excellence Committees and Purposeful Impacts at home!!!

GiGi’s Playhouse guides and support individuals with Down syndrome and their families through life’s milestones and celebrations. We do this through purposeful and progressive programs from birth through adulthood. As part of GiGi’s Playhouse longtime commitment to our families, we’ve embarked on revisions and expansions of our therapeutic programming. Our goal is to ensure that… Continue Reading

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